Saturday, 4 July 2015

Nappy Covers/Baby Bloomers.

Happily and excitedly we will be welcoming a small, new member to our family later this year.  The weather will be starting to warm up around the time of this bub's arrival and I have found myself wandering around the clothing stores looking for some little nappy covers or bloomers. It seems to me that frilly ones are fairly easy to come by but plainer, less feminine pants are a lot trickier to find. In the end I decided to make some of my own. 

I found myself getting a little carried away and have made multiple sizes in many different fabrics. (Almost 20 pairs!) Some of the fabrics are newly bought and some have come from op-shops or my own stash.

I suspect that these are going to be very handy through spring and summer and will look sweet with just a singlet or even no shirt at all.

The hard part now is deciding which pairs to keep and which pairs to put in my etsy store!

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